BECOS is committed to realize the vision of deploying EV charging solutions at different location in the country.

  • Workplace
  • Residential
  • Public car parking
  • Fleets


BECOS in partner with Exicom will offer EV safe charge for an electric vehicle charger installation and provide branded chargers for the employees and guests at the workplace/office premises.


BECOS will facilitate such EV charging stations to ensure highest uptime and quick deployment at the fleets. This will provide more enjoyable rides for the customers and showcase our commitment towards a sustainable future.


By placing EV chargers at the residential area usually in a garage allows your friendly tenants for easy use.


BECOS is in committing to install the availability of EV chargers at the public parking and will ensure smooth transition to electric mobility by ensuring safe and efficient charging infrastructure for all customers with surroundings to eat, shop, and attract new revenue streams while transforming your image as an environmental-friendly establishment.