Bhutan Eco Solutions (BECOS) under the Drukda Private Limited is an associate partner with M/S Exicom Tele-Systems Ltd in India. Exicom Tele-Systems Ltd is headquartered in New Delhi, India founded in 1994, a testament of world-class battery and EV charging infrastructure solutions. Exicom is playing a significant role in the India’s transformation towards electric mobility.

Exicom offers a comprehensive range of solutions for all EV charging infrastructure projects and has extensive experience of installing EV charging equipment on highways, streets, and parking area. Exicom is an advanced EV charging stations provide charging solutions to all kind of electric-vehicles (EV). Exicom’s devices are playing an important role in this changing economy in the world.

Exicom provide a full range of AC and DC Fast Chargers suitable for all types of electric vehicles, supporting all global standards both low & high voltage battery platforms. Exicom Tele-Systems Ltd is playing a pivotal role in developing and delivering innovative energy charging solutions and with connectors complying with CHAdeMO, CCS and Type 2 AC.

BECOS is committed to realize the vision of making Bhutan an Electric Vehicles nation and aims to support government’s mission of country’s fleet to electric mode. To fulfill its mission, BECOS collaborates with EXICOM to import green products and provide services related to EV Charging Solutions which aims for carbon emissions- free.

The company has over more than one decade of experience in dealing of first Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PHEVs) in the country and have a knowledge related electric charger as it makes good working infrastructure experience sense. Our solutions are capable to install the EVs charger and solve many problems like reducing pollution and oil import.


  • To accelerate the electrification of vehicles in Bhutan by providing EV charging infrastructure for all types of vehicles.
  • Solutions and help to reduce carbon footprint, power urban transport.
  • Helping in accelerate faster transition to a greener environment.


  • To provide best engineered products and solutions for our market.
  • Provide full range of charging solutions which includes AC, high and low voltage DC fast chargers, which are specifically designed to cater the needs of all categories of vehicles.