Energy Qb 48V/100 Ah

Technical Specifications

Module Module: 48V/100Ah, cells in 1P15S configuration, LFP chemistry
Voltage Range 48V (nominal), 42-54Vdc
Rated energy 4800Wh @ 25°C, 0.5C charge/0.5C discharge
Nominal current 50A (charge); 50A (discharge)
Peak current 125A for 4 seconds (charge); 150 for 8 sec (discharge)
Cycle Life 3,000 cycles @ 35°C, 0.5C charge/0.5C discharge and 80% DoD
Communication Interface RS485 for communication to CBMS or SMPS power plant
Indications SoC Level/run/alarm indication on front panel
Protection & alarms Over/under-voltage, over-current, over/under-temperature, SMPS comm. fail, temp. sensor disconnect, power device failure
Working temperature  0 to 55°C for charge; -10 to 55°C for discharge
Weight 46 Kg
Dimensions (WxHxD) 482 x 400 x 225 mm
Applicable standards Transportation- UN 38.3, Safety & EMI-IEC 60950; EN 61000, Chapter 6-2 and 6-3