Grid Genset Hybrid Systems

Technical Specifications

Input connection 3/2/1 Line Neutral Earth
Input Voltage 1×230/2×230/3×230 (VRMS) AC (L-N)
AC Input Voltage 85 to 300Vac
DC output Voltage Range 42 to 58Vdc
Power Rating Up to 27KW
Efficiency 96% (Rectifier Level)
Battery path protection Fuse/Circuit Breaker
Surge Protection Type 2 (class C) at System Level
Automation Available (DG, Mains, Battery Bank and Solar)
Energy Metering Grid Kwh, Genset Kwh, Battery Kwh, Individual Loads Kwh
Best Phase Selection Optional best phase selection for Aircon
SVR Optional 8Kva or 15kVa isolated/Non isolated SVR
Mounting Floor Mount
Controller M-1000
Rectifier Module Serenity (3000W)/Quantum (3000W)