Outdoor Cabinet Systems

Exicom’s Outdoor cabinets are designed to protect telecom equipment from external threats in all normal or harsh climatic conditions. Our cabinets have multiple wall structure alternatives – from single-layer wall construction with light design to a multilayer construction designed for more demanding environment conditions. For cabinet cooling we offer – forced cooling (FC), active cooling (AC) and heat exchanger (HEX) or even combination of some of these solutions. Our optional 1U monitoring system monitors up to 3 temperatures, humidity, smoke / fire, door open status and has dry contacts for taking external signals to further optimize running of cooling systems for performance, noise etc. Our cabinets come in several sizes to ensure the right dimensions for all telecom equipment. A whole base station can be built inside our cabinets.

 Key Features

  • Ease of Use: Fast and easy telecom site deployment compared to traditional shelters.
  • High integration: Integrated cabinet to house BTS, other communications ltd., DC power systems, batteries. Cable entries are from the sides.
  • Flexible structure and assembly: Bolted cabinets with zero welding. Options available in single bay and double bay cabinets.
  • Protection: IP55 ingress protection level cabinets with Anti corrosion outdoor powder coating. The cabinet is dust-proof, sun-proof and rain-proof.
  • Fire proof: Flame retardance compliance with GB5169.7 Test A.
  • Insulation: The insulation resistance between grounding devices and cabinet body parts is not lower than 2×104M/500V (DC).
  • Wall Structure: Double wall cabinet for better protection in harsh environments or single walled cabinet for less demanding use.
  • Cooling: Fan cooled or Panel mounted DC Aircon up to 1.2KW capacity.
  • Theft protection: Access Control electronic lock or three point anti theft lock.
  • Environment Monitoring & Control: Temperature and humidity monitoring and software controlled fan / Aircon function logic.